Building and structure surveys

Our remotely piloted aircraft are the perfect solution for customers wishing to inspect or survey a roof space or high structure. With falls from height representing the biggest cause of accidents and fatalities in the UK (source: Health and Safety Executive website) we can avoid working at height entirely by offering a view from above with both feet firmly on the ground.

The remote aircraft we operate all feature live video downlink systems, meaning that the customer can see what the camera sees in real time by viewing a monitor on the ground. The customer is free to direct the aircraft movements, providing it is safe to us to do so.

The onboard camera records everything it sees in full HD video as well as taking high quality photographs every 5 seconds or via a handheld remote control at ground level. On completion of the flight we edit the imagery down to remove any  unnecessary footage and send the video and photographs on a memory stick to the customer. We can supply all the raw footage if required.


Building and Structure surveysBuilding and Structure surveys
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