Our pricing is very much dependent on a number of factors, which include:

  • Location of required flight
  • Nature of work required
  • Complexity of job
  • Timescales

The cost for 1 hour on site is £175. Each additional hour on site is charged at £125. Our minimum booking is for 1 hour.

Customers are welcome to be attendance during the flight and can see what the camera sees via the ground based monitor. Alternatively, customers can wear our “Fat Shark” goggles which feature two small monitors showing exactly what the drone camera sees for the complete pilot experience! These costs include all of the stills photographs taken in the air and the raw HD video footage. We can edit the footage down into a short video if required for an additional £50.

We are based in the North East of England, so will have to add travel costs for bookings outside this area. Please give us a call or email to discuss your needs and we will give you a quote.

What we can say with certainty is that using a remotely piloted aircraft to capture your required imagery is more cost effective, flexible, quicker and safer than other equipment that could be used to achieve access to height.