1. Are you qualified to fly remote controlled aircraft?

Yes! We are all remote control helicopter enthusiasts and have flown various types and sizes over the years.

We have undertaken professional training with Resource UAS, a company recognised by the CAA as a competent body to deliver training. The process involved airmanship theory and practical flying. The practical element must be refreshed annually.

2.  Are you insured?

Yes. We have a specialist insurance policy specifically for flying remotely piloted aircraft. It covers all our equipment and includes £5 million public liability.

3. How long can you stay in the air for?

Flight time is dictated by the battery life. We use good quality Li-po batteries that give us around 12 minutes flight time per battery. That may not sound much, but we can do a lot in 12 minutes! We also carry many spares and it is a very quick process to land and change out a battery.

4. How high/far can you go?

Our CAA permissions allow us to fly 400 feet (120m) vertically and up to 500m from the pilot horizontally. We must keep the aircraft in visual line of sight at all times.

We can assure you that the view from 400 feet up is spectacular!

5. Can you fly in all weather conditions?

No! We cannot fly if the wind is more than 17mph or in heavy rain. We carry anemometers with us and check the weather forecast before deploying. Light rain is ok, but we would wait for heavy rain to pass before flying. If the rain is too heavy, it also affects the quality of the imagery.

6. Can I hire the remotely piloted aircraft and fly them myself?

No! Our hexacopters are very sophisticated (I mean expensive) bits of equipment which we love and cherish so we cannot possibly let anybody else fly them. Also, the insurance policy only covers trained remote pilots.